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Thread: Travel into Canada and back

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    Travel back into the US

    Hope I didn't raise a ruckus with my original posting. Really the only point I was trying to make was that we had the problem coming back into the states from Canada. We've never had a problem getting into Canada (it was so easy we didn't think about it until we had a problem coming back!). My opinion is better safe than sorry and to carry proof of citizenship anytime you might want to cross the border. Believe me, a military ID doesn't necessarily help since I showed mine.

    Just wanted to make sure we all get to have a great time!

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    This may be just me, but I will never find myself in any foreign country, whether it be Canada or Khazakstan, without my passport. I think it would be foolish to leave my country without it.

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    Children of a Common Mother...

    I live in the north Idaho Panhandle and generally ride in Canada every summer---mostly B.C. and Alberta---and land-locked western Canadians and we in the non-beachfront American Northwest have more in common than we have to argue about. Both of us generally ridicule our respective national legislatures and enjoy good beer brewed on both sides of the border. Oh, and the western Canuks despise Quebecqois and wish they would either secede or shut up.

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    travel to Canada

    ....western Canucks despise Quebecois....dkaag
    It's hard to generalise, but I think that if you did a poll right now, you would find very little dislike of Quebecois by westerners. And in my province, many Albertans can really relate to them in sharing their feeling of alienation from confederation. While many Canadians are no doubt irked by Quebec's continual requests for more transfer payments from the feds, the fact is that most of the other provinces are doing the same thing. Most Canadians, including westerners, would not want Quebec to secede. However, there is a growing separatist party in Alberta whose members would no doubt like to see it happen, so that Alberta would have an opportunity to follow suit.

    I agree with you that Canadian westerners probably feel they have more in common with northwestern Americans, than with their eastern countrymen.

    Anyone who has been to Quebec will tell that their people are delightful.

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    Bring your passport. It doesn't take up much space, and it will save you a lot of time coming back into the US. I did a quick Canada jaunt last year during the MOV rally, and the guy at the border crossing told me that the passport really is the preferred thing these days.
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    Preferred crossing points?

    Can someone recommend crossings to avoid (always busy, long waits) as well as preferred crossing sites?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAULBACH
    Welcome Canadians & Bienvenue - Anytime.
    Ditto that.. Hi, Paul! We had breakfast together in Ashland two months ago....
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    Thumbs up Check it out!

    Quote Originally Posted by mvscorpio
    Can someone recommend crossings to avoid (always busy, long waits) as well as preferred crossing sites?
    Check out this site.
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